Industrial Painting

Our painting process was created with your facility in mind.

We start the painting process by protecting your equipment and covering everything in plastic. We’ll then blow the ceiling with air to force all the dust off. Our painting services include:

We won’t shut down production while we paint.

We know shutting down isn’t realistic, so more often than not we don’t even consider it. We’ll work creatively around your schedule to get what you need done.

We can work in phases so we don’t have to close off an entire area. Or, we can break down the space so we’re only in one area at a time.

But the bottom line is we’ll coordinate with your team so we create the least disruption possible.

We’re not like other industrial painting companies.

We have three key differentiators from other industrial painting companies.

We work around your schedule.

Many painting companies dictate when they can come in and do the work. We’ll come in and work around your production schedule.

We have years of experience.

We have the trust of our customers and years of experience to back it up.

We can paint and refinish your floors.

A company that can paint and refinish your floors is rare. We can do both. Because of this we’re able to coordinate things to make sure painting and flooring get done together and ensure there are no delays. You’ll also save time and effort finding multiple vendors.